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Why Lifeguard Classes are important to be a lifeguard?

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As the temperatures rise and summer nears, more and more people are signing up for lifeguard classes to become certified. American Lifeguard Events has seen a huge spike in interest in their lifeguard courses over the past year. There seem to be several key factors contributing to this growing trend.

Summer Jobs and Experience

Being a lifeguard class is a traditional summer job for many teens and college students. It provides valuable work experience in safety and emergency response while earning an income over the break. American Lifeguard Events has noticed more students are signing up early to secure a lifeguard position at waterparks, swimming pools, and beaches. With the job market competitive, getting certified lifts their chances of employment.

Pandemic Impact on Outdoor Jobs

The isolation of the pandemic has driven many people outdoors seeking fresh air and exercise. Lifeguarding gets people active while enjoying the water. As seasonal jobs like retail saw declines, outdoor roles have become more appealing. American Lifeguard Events classes allow individuals to train for a job where they can safely interact with others outside. Staying active is both mentally and physically beneficial after months of lockdowns. Many are choosing a career where they help others enjoy fitness and leisure activities safely.

Safety Skills for Family Time

Beyond jobs, some are taking classes to gain life-saving skills for personal purposes. With larger family gatherings resuming at homes with pools or trips to the lake, having a certified lifeguard class around brings peace of mind. American Lifeguard Events training imparts knowledge of CPR, first aid, aquatic rescues, and more to handle emergencies promptly.

The desire to keep loved ones safe while having fun in and around water is driving interest, especially among parents and guardians of young children. Lifeguard classes give people expertise to watch over kids and reduce risks inherent to swimming.

Ongoing Support

Here at ALE, we understand that real-world experiences can sometimes differ from classroom instruction. That’s why we provide our graduates with continuous support even after course completion.

Through our Facebook group and anonymous message hotline, current and past trainees can ask any follow-up questions that arise during their time working as guards. Instructors are there to provide thoughtful advice, and reassurance or refine training as needed.

We also hold alumni seminars a few times a year where guards can refine skills, share best practices, or simply network with others in the field. It’s a great way to maintain preparedness beyond the initial certification period.

Affordable Pricing

Compared to some programs, ALE’s fees are very affordable for any budget. We strive to make life-saving education accessible to all interested individuals at reasonable rates. Multiple payment plan options are available if full tuition is not feasible upfront.

No one is ever turned away due to inability to pay. Our goal is to train as many new guards as efficiently as possible so they can help ensure the safety of bathers everywhere summer arrives. Several scholarships are also awarded annually based on merit and need.

Hands-On Learning Experience

Beyond the fitness and safety benefits, many see the lifeguard class as an engaging learning opportunity. At American Lifeguard Events, we strive to provide an interactive educational environment. Instructors use diverse teaching methods like demonstrations, drills, videos, and real-world scenarios to impart knowledge.

Trainees get to practice their skills hands-on in the water rather than just listening to lectures. This helps to better commit the techniques to muscle memory in case of a true emergency. Whether perfecting open-water rescues, CPR manikin training, or responding to mock emergencies, participants find the experiences very memorable and useful.

Group Fitness and Training Benefits

Lifeguard classes involve rigorous physical preparation and conditioning. At American Lifeguard Events, candidates must demonstrate strong swimming abilities, fitness levels, and skills under pressure. The training has a proven track record of improving endurance, strength, and reaction speed over the certification period.

For those itching to get in shape after months inside, lifeguard classes offer structured fitness combined with learning potentially life-saving techniques. The group environment provides motivation, accountability, and encouragement throughout preparation. Many complete the program feeling physically transformed as a result.


As summertime plans and jobs restart across the country, lifeguard class certification has become one of the most sought-after training programs out there. Safety concerns, outdoor career prospects, conditioning benefits, and more are driving record registrations for classes with American Lifeguard Events. Their rigorous training equips candidates to respond calmly and effectively in aquatic emergencies, serving as true first responders on the frontlines of safety during recreation season. Interest is sure to remain high as water activities ramp up in the coming months.

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