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Do Mobile Speed Cameras Work in Both Directions

Do Mobile Speed Cameras Work in Both Directions?

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Mobile speed cameras, also known as traffic enforcement vans, are a common sight on roads in many areas aimed at curbing speeding. However, a common question asked is – do these mobile speed cameras only catch drivers speeding in one direction, or can they capture violations in both directions of travel?

The answer is that in most cases, modern mobile speed cameras are indeed capable of photographing vehicles that are speeding in either direction of travel. Here’s a breakdown of how they work:

  • Mobile speed cameras use radar technology to detect the speed of oncoming vehicles. The radar is able to capture speed data no matter which way the van is facing.
  • Once an incident of speeding is detected, the camera mounted on the van automatically takes photos of the offending vehicle. Newer camera systems actually use two cameras – one on each side of the van – to photograph vehicles approaching from either direction.
  • Features like automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) software allow the cameras to record identifying details like the vehicle’s license plate, regardless of the direction of travel.
  • Some jurisdictions do still rely on older single-camera set-ups that are only effective for vehicles traveling in one direction. But increasingly, dual-camera systems are becoming the norm due to their ability to catch all instances of speeding motorists.
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So in summary :

While older single-camera speed vans may only work uni-directionally, the latest mobile speed camera technology used by most police forces today can and will photograph speeding vehicles approaching from either side of the van. Drivers should always be mindful of their speed, no matter which direction they may be driving in relation to an enforcement vehicle. Let me know if you need any other details!

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