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How Much Do Veterinary Technicians Make

How Much Do Veterinary Technicians Make in Different States of the USA

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Veterinary technicians, also called vet techs, play a vital role in animal health care by assisting veterinarians with examinations, tests, surgeries, and other medical procedures. The pay for these professionals can vary quite a bit depending on location. Here is a breakdown of average vet tech salaries by state across the United States.

National Average Salary

The national average annual salary for veterinary technicians in the US is $33,480 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This equates to roughly $16.10 per hour. However, pay can vary widely depending on location, specialization, years of experience, and employer.

How Much Do Veterinary Technicians Make in Different States of the USA

Highest Paying States

The states with the highest average vet tech salaries are:

  • California – $41,920 per year
  • Colorado – $38,270 per year
  • Massachusetts – $38,180 per year
  • Connecticut – $37,840 per year
  • Washington – $37,720 per year

Being located on the west or northeast coasts seems to correlate with higher pay for vet techs. The high cost of living in these regions likely contributes to the increased salaries.

Mid-Range Salaries

Many mid-sized states pay near the national average for veterinary technicians:

  • Florida – $34,240 per year
  • Texas – $33,960 per year
  • Pennsylvania – $33,690 per year
  • Illinois – $33,320 per year
  • Ohio – $32,850 per year

Lower Paying States

Those with the lowest average annual salaries for vet techs include:

  • Alabama – $28,860 per year
  • Mississippi – $29,080 per year
  • Arkansas – $30,130 per year
  • West Virginia – $30,280 per year
  • Kentucky – $30,540 per year

States in the South and Midwest tend to have lower costs of living and correspondingly lower vet tech wages. Salaries are usually highest in large, urban areas within these lower-paying states as well.

Factors Affecting Salary Levels

There are a few key factors beyond location that influence what veterinary technicians earn:


Vet techs with more years of experience in the field generally command higher salaries. Those with 5+ years of experience can expect to earn around 10-15% more than new graduates on average. Advanced certifications and specializations also boost earning potential.

Advanced Training & Certifications

Vet techs who pursue specialty training in areas like dentistry, surgery, oncology, or emergency medicine may be able to negotiate a pay bump. Nationally certified vet techs (CVT) also tend to earn a few thousand dollars more per year than non-certified.

Employment Setting

The type of facility also impacts wages – private veterinary practices usually pay less than animal hospitals, zoos and aquariums, research laboratories, and state or federal government roles. Emergency and specialty clinics also offer higher salaries on average.

Cost of Living Adjustments

Some companies in expensive cities like San Francisco or New York provide cost of living adjustments to salaries to accommodate the high costs in those areas. This helps veterinary technicians’ salaries stay competitive.

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