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Rising Backlink Prices 241% Focusing on Quality over Quantity

Rising Backlink Prices 241%: Focusing on Quality over Quantity

Google Raises the Bar

Google’s algorithms have advanced to filter out low-quality links more aggressively. The goal is to provide users with the most helpful results, not spammy pages. Mass-generated links won’t cut it anymore. Strategic outreach and careful quality control are needed.

Specialized Link Building:

Proper link development now demands meticulous research, outreach, and relationship building. It has evolved into a true specialty craft. Ensuring naturally constructed links from relevant directories requires significant time and skilled labor.

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Knowzatech’s Customized Approach

Personalized research identifies only the most relevant sites naturally willing to endorse each unique message. Through a decade of relationships, editors know to trust our recommendations to avoid perceptions of spam.

High quality backlinks

Ongoing Optimization

Planning extends beyond launch with quarterly strategy refinement. Minor tweaks to quality links make bigger impacts complementing content/technical efforts over rivals’ quick fixes.

Maximizing Lasting Authority

While costs rise, quality overtakes quantity for organic success. Spending more on authority signals pays off exponentially versus temporary gains. Knowzatech focuses on this long-term perspective.

Assessing Your Goals

Contact the US for an analysis of your industry and goals within budget. I’ll develop the perfect foundational link profile cementing rankings for years ahead. Real value remains within reach.

  • Targeting Editor Experts
    Our team identifies the top 5-10 most relevant sites by industry. We avoid perceived spam by nurturing trusted ties with these editors over the years.
  • Strategic Placement
    Links woven naturally into helpful explainer content get the highest organic value. We avoid “link dumps” or pages solely to achieve benchmarks.
  • Measuring Metrics
    Knowzatech tracks not just volume but targeted keywords, referring domains, and click-through rates. This ensures maximum impact per link.
  • Adapting Monthly
    The team reviews reports and refines focusing on underperforming links or adding emerging opportunities. Strategy constantly evolves combined with content updates.
  • Proactive Outreach
    Our team proactively maintains relationships, provides new story ideas quarterly, and monitors feedback. We continue adding value long-term.

FAQs addressing some common link-building questions:

Q: How long until we see results?
A: Most clients see improvements within 2-3 months, though it can take 6+ months to cement rankings fully. Consistency is key.

Q: Is quality or quantity more important?
A: Quality will always outweigh quantity. 5 perfect links to relevant directories will outperform 50 spammy ones.

Q: What’s the typical package cost?
A: It depends on the project and the niche you are targeting.

Q: Do all links need to be do-follow?
A: No, a good mix of do-follow and no-follow links is ideal. Around 60-70% of do-follow links work well for most sites.

Q: How many links do you recommend?
A: We focus on quality, not quantity. Around 15-25 total high-quality links per quarter, focusing on the top 5 directories usually yields great results.

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